Friday, July 15, 2011

Face of Darkness

facing the darkness
iam not take this of my friend called Nando have been capture it from Rinca Island fishing boats dock pole,with my camera pocket Kodak and then..bearing this damn cool picture!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Starring the Downside Stars

the downside stars
Guess what?many stars?or city lights?
i capture that one from the top of Geulis Mountain in Sumedang,West see the shiny grass from the left-down corner?i compounding that with the flashlight when i capture it,and look how it be..

A Blushful Tiny Crab

What's wrong crabby?don't be shy..come on up and give me your big smile.. :)

shy tiny crab
 i took this one with my cellphone cam besides that time i bring my friend DSLR camera T_T

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Mother Ability

got something on her back
Did you see it?there is little spidey on her mom back..can you see it?i capture it when im hang around in my backyard.

Dimension : 1600x1063
Size : 453 kb
Original Size : 4,46 mb
Author : Mochammad Dheny
Camera Model : Nikon D300

Bunny on Action

Dimension : 1600x1063
Size : 448 kb
Original Size : 4,98 mb
Author : Mochammad Dheny
Camera Model : Nikon D300

Dimension : 1600x1063
Size : 531 kb
Original Size : 5,21 mb
Author : Mochammad Dheny
Camera Model : Nikon D300

This posting is tribute to both of them, someone stole them when im go poor i am

A Model Wanna Be or Wanna Be A Model ?

 All this photo just taken at Graha Garuda Tiara,Cileungsi

Taken by: Resty Kusuma
This is just my back!!
Taken by Ginnokon Aseando
Me and Resty
Taken by : Self Timer
Look Like A band Poster :D

 Taken by : Self Timer
After photo session
Camera Model : Nikon D60 and Canon EOS KISS x4

The Blurry City Fireflies

Just enjoy all these photos,i took it when i do my trip to jogjakarta a year ago

Dimension : 1600x1063
Original Size (up-down) :3,09, 3,45, 3,42 mb
Camera Model : Nikon D300 (i borrowed from my room mate)

I took all of these photo from the jogjakarta monument (i dont really know what their called for that place),that's all glowing objects is the city lights,car lights or anything glowing there,almost like fireflies with their glowing tail,itsn't it?

WELCOME to You've Been Shot!!

Don't be shy to say hai to me,you come and i'm very WELCOME ...

Camera Model : Kodak M753
Resolution : 1027 x 278
Size : 68 kb
Taken at Pantai Pelabuhan Ratu,Sukabumi